Episode 31: Dentistry and Dick Jokes, featuring David Lane, and Andy Canning from Scale Scotland
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In this episode you might feel a little prick: Tracy, Will, and Chris respond some letters, get some burrs out from under their saddle, and discuss how to get published in magazines and books. They also chat to Andy Canning about the upcoming SCALE SCOTLAND show (https://www.scalescotland.co.uk/) They also interview the superbly talented David Lane about his figure painting and aircraft modelling, and root canals. You can contact the show at [email protected] Please check out Chris' new podcast: ┬áModels From Ukraine https://modelsfromukraine.buzzsprout.com/ PLEASE support our sponsors http://tetramodel.com https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/ SMS paints https://anyz.io https://insidethearmour.com Check out the other podcasts! http://Modelpodcasts.com Music (c) Lemonmusicstudio Support the show
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Published 05/10/24
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