Episode 54: "The Attitude and the Gratitude" Featuring Rick Lawler
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In this episode, Chris, Tracy, and Will talk to Rick Lawler about art and modelling, his powerful pieces, "Burden of Sorrow" and "Some Kind of Monster", modelling darker subjects and capturing "Lightning in a Bottle", plus his work with AK and other brands and, of course, his superb Youtube channel, Propaganda. (https://www.youtube.com/c/ricklawlerpropaganda) Chris presents two mini Interviews from IPMS UK ScaleModelworld, with  Vladimír Šulc of Eduard Models (https://www.eduard.com/) and Gabor Fodor, new owner of (https://friulmodel.hu/) The guys also discuss listener email, the rights and wrongs of asking for STLs, things they are thankful for, and the 'Fiasco of the Tonedeaf Editorial'. Contact the show: [email protected] Please support our sponsors https://anyz.io http://tetramodel.com https://scalemodeller.com.au https://insidethearmour.com Check out all the great modelling podcasts at http://Modelpodcasts.com Please do check out Chris's other podcast at https://modelsfromukraine.buzzsprout.com/ And his new blog https://modelphilosopher.com/ Support the show
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