Episode 56: Herpaderpaderpaderp, feat. Chris Jerrett
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In this Episode, Will, Cracy, and Triss interview the phenomenally talented Chris Jerrett and talk armour modelling, mountain biking and bespoke time zones. Chris's socials https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=chris%20jerrett%20modeling instagram chris_jerrett_models._ The debate about the state of social media modelling rumbles on, and we dive into the mailbag. Contact the show: [email protected] Please support our sponsors https://anyz.io http://tetramodel.com https://scalemodeller.com.au https://insidethearmour.com Check out all the great modelling podcasts at http://Modelpodcasts.com Please do check out Chris's blog https://modelphilosopher.com/ Support the show
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In this Episode, Will, Chris, and Tracy interview Noah Krasowitz (https://www.facebook.com/noah.krasowitz.9) of Artbox (https://www.modelkasten.com/), the editorial company behind Scale Aviation, Model Graphix, Armor Modeling, and Navy Yard modelling magazines The guys also talk about zombie...
Published 03/15/24
Published 03/15/24
In this special episode, which is going out on all the podcaster's own channels, you get to hear a special discussion we, the Scale Model Podcasters, set up over the holidays The discussion includes the producers of most of the well known modelling podcasts: Dave Goldfinch from On the...
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