"Israeli Military Intelligence" – with IDF Brig. General (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser
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Summary Yossi Kuperwasser (Twitter; Website) joins Andrew (Twitter; LinkedIn) to discuss the Israeli intelligence community. Yossi is the former head of the Research Division of IDF Military Intelligence. *FULL SHOWNOTES & FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE* What You’ll Learn Intelligence The layout of Israeli intelligence The First and Second Intifadas Israel’s complicated position in the Middle East Relationship between Israeli and American ICs Reflections Intelligence as a learning process The importance and difficulty of trust  And much, much more … *FULL SHOWNOTES & FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE* Quote of the Week “That's the problem of intelligence - It's an ongoing learning process. And if you don't learn all the time to enable you to adjust to the developing situation, you are going to fail.” – Yossi Kuperwasser. Resources  *SpyCasts* The Counterterrorism and Counter WMD Strategist with Dexter Ingram (2022) Son of Hamas, Spy for Israel with Mosab Hassan Yousef and Gonen Ben Yitzhak (2010) Israeli Intelligence and the Jonathan Pollard Spy Case with Ron Olive (2007) *Beginner Resources* History of Israel, Encyclopedia Britannica [encyclopedia entry] What you need to know about the 1987 Intifada, PBS (2019) [article] The Oslo Accords, 25 Years Later, Washington Post (2018) [video] 1967 War: Six Days that Changed the Middle East, J. Bowen, BBC (2017) [article] The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Brief, Simple History, Vox (2016) [video] *Wildcard Resource(s)* The Little Drummer Girl – A fictional novel about a double agent working for the Israelis, written by famed spy author John le Carré in 1983.  *FULL SHOWNOTES & FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE*
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