Navigating Important Conversations, Small Talk, and Holiday Parties (SB1442)
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How many times have you found yourself headed into the company holiday party thinking, "I hope I don't end up stuck in a conversation in the corner with someone"? Then, five minutes later, you're stuck in a boring conversation in the corner with someone? Or, you're trying to make a statement around the boss during a group conversation and you just can't figure out what to say? Or (and maybe worst of all), you're in a meeting and in front of all of the influential people someone asks, "So what do you think?" Impromptu speaking isn't just important around the holidays, but this time of year we're all more likely to be in a conversation with people who challenge our ability to communicate effectively. Today we bring you a great mentor on the topic, Matt Abrahams, who's not only an expert communicator, but he's so good that he teaches the topic at Stanford University and hosts a podcast on the topic. That's not all the communicating we'll do, though. We'll also discuss a recent Wall Street Journal piece which shares how much money people think they need to make before they'll finally be happy. That will lead us into a deeper conversation about what it really takes to be happy...and it turns out the answer might not be what you expect. That's not all! Of course, we'll also have some trivia from Doug, share the life line question, and more. FULL SHOW NOTES: Deeper dives with curated links, topics, and discussions are in our newsletter, The 201, available at Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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