Unbelievable Stories from Bitcoin's Wild Wild West
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If you thought the days of crazy lawless activity left when the wild west was won, think again. The spirit of the Wild West continues in cryptocurrency. From the early investors, new coins and even some legal trouble, there's still lots to be uncovered in the world of crypto. Ethan Lou joined Doc G to talk about his experience with cryptocurrency and the major unknowns to still be uncovered with crypto. Is there still opportunity to buy into crypto and make loads of money like the early adopters? Ethan shares his take! During our headline we talk about the month of October in the stock market. It's no secret that October has seen some ugly stock market returns (1929, 1987, 2008 to name a few) but is it really as bad as we think? Robert Gilliland joins us to share his take on the market and give us some stats on the market as a whole. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Jennifer who wants to know how to fund her grandchild's education. And Doug will share some Bitcoin trivia. Enjoy!
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