Paula Winslowe
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Best known to radio listeners as Peg Riley, long-suffering wife of Chester A. on The Life of Riley - and to traumatized movie fans as the voice of Bambi's mother - Paula Winslowe was one of radio's busiest and best actresses. We'll hear her as an amnesia victim who may also be a murderer in "Lost" (originally aired on CBS on October 14, 1954). Then, she co-stars with Virginia Gregg and Irene Tedrow in "Goodbye, Miss Lizzie Borden" (originally aired on CBS on October 4, 1955) - a story of what might have happened after the infamous forty whacks. Finally, we'll hear Paula Winslowe alongside William Bendix in The Life of Riley, where Riley and Peg are running against each other in a local election (originally aired on NBC on November 2, 1946).
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