First Year Favorites (300th Episode)
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It's the 300th episode of Stars on Suspense! To celebrate, I'm going back to the first year of "radio's outstanding theater of thrills" to share six of my favorite shows from that initial year of Suspense. First, Orson Welles takes a cross-country road trip in "The Hitch-hiker" (originally aired on CBS on September 2, 1943), followed by "The Kettler Method," a tale set in an insane asylum on a dark and stormy night (originally aired on CBS on September 16, 1943). Then, Paul Stewart investigates a murder in Trinidad in "A Passage to Benares" (originally aired on CBS on September 23, 1942) and a young man tries to stay alive to win big money in "Will You Make a Bet with Death?" (originally aired on CBS on November 10, 1942). Finally, Peter Lorre is a jealous husband with murder on his mind in "Till Death Do Us Part" (originally aired on CBS on December 15, 1942) and Bela Lugosi is a scientist with a plan to create murderers in "The Doctor Prescribed Death" (originally aired on CBS on February 2, 1943).
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