Episode 32- Markendaya's visit
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Arjuna Fights the Demons Arjuna returns from Indra’s palace in the heavens back to his brothers and his wife Draupadi in the Gandhamadan mountains. He tells them the stories of his conquests against the Nibata Kabacha demons and the demonesses Paulam and Kalaka’s army.  Next  we hear the fascinating story of how the mighty prince Bheema was about to be devoured by King Nahusha in the form of a giant snake. Nahusha asks Yudhistira,  who is a true Brahmin? Only the right answer from Yudhistira would save Bheema’s life. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mahabharatastories/support
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Published 08/05/20
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Published 07/21/20
Arjuna battles with Chitra Sena to rescue Duryodhana Duryodhan plans to visit the Pandavas during their exile and humiliate them. But he gets embroiled in a battle with the Gandharvas and is captured by the Gandharva King Chitrasena. At the request of their brother Yudhistir, Arjuna and Bheem...
Published 06/13/20