Ammu's Summer Holidays
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Ammu has the most amazing summer holidays with her family, doing what she loves most! From dream-filled train journeys to boisterous arguments with cousins, join us as we travel with Ammu and learn about her passion and determination to play her favourite sport - Cricket! Written and narrated by Nidhi Gupta. Ammu's voice by 5-year-old Nandita Gautam, Zoya's voice by 5-year-old Zarya Jain, Kabir's voice by 11-year-old Varen Singhai, cricket commentary and Rohan Chacha's voice by Namit Chaturvedi. Cover art by Inika Appiah Dominic, our 11-year-old friend and listener from Bangalore, for Ammu's Summer Holidays, written by Nidhi Gupta, under a CC BY 4.0 license.
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