SDS 572: Daily Habit #9: Avoiding Messages Until a Set Time Each Day
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In this episode, Jon shares his habit of blocking out two hours in his mornings that are free from email and social media distractions. Tune in to learn how this habit helps him deeply focus on his most delightful tasks of the day. Additional materials:
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In this episode, Jon kicks off a two-part series that sees him explore the popular topic of artificial general intelligence and why it might–or might not–be only a few years away. Listen in as Jon explains the several reasons why he doesn't believe that AGI is nigh. Additional materials:...
Published 07/01/22
Mark Freeman, Senior Data Scientist at Humu, joins Jon Krohn to talk about all things data engineering and offers listeners some critical tips for their data science career journey – from what it takes to get promoted to his number one tip for getting hired at a fast-growing capital-backed...
Published 06/28/22
Published 06/28/22