Survivor 42 | Why ___ Lost Episode 12 with David Bloomberg and Jessica Lewis
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Survivor 42 | Why ___ Lost Episode 12 | David Bloomberg and Jessica Lewis Omar said in interviews that his loss stemmed from the idol nullifier that we never even saw on TV. But do David and Jessica agree, or was that just the straw that broke the pigeon’s back? Omar realized that the other players should be voting him out, but didn’t think they knew everything he was doing. Did he get a bit too comfortable on his perch? Or were there other factors that turned the predator into prey? It’s time to do your best evil laugh as we figure out Why Omar Lost. David Bloomberg’s Seven Rules of Survivor:  Rule 1: Scheme and Plot Rule 2: But Don’t Scheme and Plot Too Much/Keep Your Scheming Secret/Don’t Backstab Until You Absolutely Need To Rule 3: Be Flexible! Rule 4: Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You Rule 5: Pretend To Be Nice/Play the Social Game (and Keep Your Politics and Controversial Beliefs To Yourself) Rule 6: Don’t Be Too Much of a Threat Rule 7: Know How to Deal with Idols and Advantages Appendix A: Make Your Votes Count – Keep in Mind Your End Goal Appendix B: The Jury Phase  
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