Autographs and Severed Toes
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Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at the recent T20 series and implement the ‘Hick Lehmann Scale’ for the first time. Plus there's more cricketing sadness and Mattchin has a guide to the upcoming World Cup (chapters one and two).
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Greg, Jimmy and Felix return to play a new game from Mattchin - any similarity to any other game heard on the radio is purely coincidental! Plus, Jimmy tells us about his own ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ and we have an apology from the top brass.
Published 05/14/19
Mother of God! Forget ’who is H?’, Tailenders is rocked by a scandal that needs investigation from AC12.
Published 05/07/19
Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White call out some of the BBC’s biggest names in an effort to get an apology for the recent ’Tailfinders’ TV trail gaffe, plus the joys of the County game, fire extinguishers, epic zooms and the Hick-Lehmann scale gets a new name. Oh, and there’s even some...
Published 04/18/19