Molly’s Game – High Stakes Gambling, Extortion, and FBI Arrests
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One-time Olympic mogul ski hopeful and host of the Torched podcast, Molly Bloom, ran a high-stakes poker game at the Viper Room in Los Angeles frequented by A-list celebrities, powerful politicians, big money investment bankers, and billionaires. When a famous actor usurped the game from her, she moved to New York, and started an even bigger game. That’s where the story took a scary and dramatic turn involving the Italian Mob, Russian organized crime, drugs, the FBI, a Federal takedown, a trial, and $9 million dollars in debt. And that’s when Molly wrote a book, went back to Hollywood, connected with Aaron Sorkin, and turned her real-life story into an Oscar-nominated film. Molly shares her incredible tale and reveals how she managed to pick up the pieces, rebuild her life, and forgive herself in the process. Please support our sponsors! Mint Mobile: cut your wireless bill to $15 per month at Toyota: Visit to find your perfect Toyota! FanDuel: download the FanDuel app & use promo code JERICHO to get a “No Sweat First Bet” up to $1000 Cynch: download the Cynch app or go and get your first tank exchange for $10 with code JERICHO. Bosch Tools: learn more at SlingTV: check out for special offers STAY CONNECTED: TikTok: @TalkIsJericho Instagram: @talkisjericho @chrisjerichofozzy Twitter: @TalkIsJericho @IAmJericho YouTube:
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