Ep 103: Summer Series – Euan Macleod
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My recent conversation with leading artist Euan Macleod is the first in a summer series of extended audio recordings from videos I’ve taken of my podcast guests. As is the way with videos, a lot of great material gets lost in the editing process so I’m bringing you the longer version of our conversations recorded during filming. I caught up with Euan in September 2020 at his knockout show ‘Figure in a dissolving landscape' at King Street Gallery on William in Sydney. I previously interviewed Euan in 2016 about his life and how he became an artist. Although we share him with New Zealand, where he was born, he’s one of our most celebrated and respected artists. He has been awarded the Archibald, Wynne Sulman and Gallipoli prizes just to name a few. His exhibition at King Street Gallery was strong and dramatic - figures in icy environments which were inspired by Euan’s trip to the Tasman glacier in New Zealand in February 2020. Click on 'play' beneath the feature photo to hear the podcast episode. See the YouTube video of this extended interview here See my video walkthrough of the exhibition here See below for images of works we talk about on the podcast. 'Social distancing', 2020, oil on polyester, 120 x 84cm 'Pull up', 2020, acrylic on polyester, 84 x 120cm 'Camp site', 2020, acrylic on polyester, 100 x 124cm 'Figure in a dissolving landscape' [triptych], 2020, oil on polyester, 200 x 424cm 'Lake', 2020, earthenware, 40 x 55 x 16cm , La Paloma Pottery 'Aspiring', 2020, earthenware, 32 x 51 x 4cm, La Paloma Pottery
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