A Fully Digital IRS, as Envisioned by Taxpayer Advocate
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The $80 billion in new funding the IRS will get over the next decade offers a chance "to bring US tax administration into the 21st century," according to National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins. Collins leads the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent office within the agency that provides taxpayer assistance. She's written multiple blog posts about modernization efforts and sent a report to Congress discussing her vision for a revamped, paperless tax enforcement agency. On this episode of Talking Tax, Collins speaks with Bloomberg Tax reporter Aysha Bagchi about key recommendations for how the agency can improve taxpayer services using the additional funding authorized by the Biden administration's sweeping tax-and-climate bill. Do you have feedback on this episode of Talking Tax? Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 703-341-3690.
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