#3667 Last Night’s Fish Today
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Stephen King (the author) offered the internet a unique fish recipe the other day, and boy oh boy, did it cause a stir. Plus, the Seattle Mariners have explained why they stopped playing Louie Louie during the 7th inning stretch, but their reasoning doesn’t satisfy Luke and Andrew.
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Andrew’s War On Blackberries leads to an encounter with a new neighbor. Luke almost struck a deal with the world’s sketchiest electrician. And a listener shares an incredibly cringy story from the workplace.
Published 06/28/22
Published 06/28/22
Andrew went to war with blackberry bushes this weekend. Luke took his shirt off at a pool party. And a Mariners fan somehow managed to get pizza delivered to a bummed-out baseball player at Angel Stadium during a game. 
Published 06/27/22