What is anarchism? with Zoe Baker
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Today we welcome Zoe Baker to discuss anarchism. In this episode, we outline what anarchism is, how it emerged, and its distinction against Marxism. We also discuss the global reach of anarchism, anarchist anti-imperialism, as well as anarchist takes on technology, ecology, anarcho-syndicalism and unions, and the problems of nationalizing private property. Zoe Baker is a trans anarchist historian who recently completed her PhD detailing the history of anarchism from the 19th century through the Spanish Civil War. Zoe is currently writing a book on anarchism for AK Press. Tech Empire is part of the Yale Podcast Network, and can be found on Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube, with additional outlets coming soon. You can follow Zoe on Twitter at @anarchopac. Follow Tech Empire at @TechEmpireCast, Michael Kwet at @Michael_Kwet, and Tshi Malatji at @tshimalatji.
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