Humane AI Pin, Apple ♥ used parts, AI music + more!
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Timestamps: 0:00 please listen 0:09 Humane AI Pin launch 1:49 Apple allows used parts, M4 chips coming 3:09 AI news roundup - Udio, GPT-4, more 5:05 QUICK BITS INTRO 5:15 Discord shuts down emulator servers 5:56 Intel disontinues 13th gen K-series 6:39 Instagram blur inappropriate DMs 7:32 Google Photos editing features free 8:02 full-screen Windows 11 upgrade ads Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Timestamps: 0:00 do u understand Rick + Morty 0:14 Windows 11 Recall investigated 1:51 EU finalizes AI Act rules 3:38 Intel Lunar Lake details, Zen5 teased 5:53 Bilingual brain implant 6:32 EPA wants to stop water supply hacks 7:12 Volvo's first autonomous semi truck 7:41 DDR6 could double DDR5...
Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24
Timestamps: 0:00 The AI has won. sorry 0:09 Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs 1:58 Surface Pro, Surface Laptop 3:06 HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung 4:24 new Windows AI features 6:15 Intel to answer? 7:28 QUICK BITS INTRO 7:40 OpenAI changes the "Her" voice 8:03 Apple fixes iOS photos bug 8:30 Android is...
Published 05/21/24