Windows 11 Recall, EU AI Act, Intel Lunar Lake details + more!
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Timestamps: 0:00 do u understand Rick + Morty 0:14 Windows 11 Recall investigated 1:51 EU finalizes AI Act rules 3:38 Intel Lunar Lake details, Zen5 teased 5:53 Bilingual brain implant 6:32 EPA wants to stop water supply hacks 7:12 Volvo's first autonomous semi truck 7:41 DDR6 could double DDR5 speeds 8:20 Cooler Master's 'AI Thermal Paste' News Sources: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 06/18/24
Timestamps: 0:00 sorry. sorry 0:15 YouTube testing server-side ad injection 1:30 Microsoft delays Recall 2:55 Apple paying OpenAI in exposure 4:59 QUICK BITS INTRO 5:11 PPUs could boost CPUs 100x 5:59 Japan makes their own DMA 6:33 Tesla investors pay Elon & sue him 7:16 US govt bans...
Published 06/15/24
Published 06/15/24