Pastor Goes Full Christian Nationalist, Robin Bullock, And More | Full Podcast 172
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In this podcast, we cover the following subjects: Congressman Madison Cawthorn talking about how Christian the jews in the old testament were Robin bullock trying to convince Donald trump to listen to prophets like him Dominionist lance wallnau trying to get trump to go full Christian nationalist We also take voicemails: (800) 701-8573 Dumpster Fire Candle Holder: Apostate sign: Quarantine: Game Shop: Merch Shop: Twitter: Patreon: All links to my channel can be found at Podcast on iTunes: Podcast on SoundCloud: Podcast on Google Play: Podcast on YouTube: Social Media: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: PayPal:
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Published 11/24/21
Published 11/24/21
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