How Many Watches Is Too Many?
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Today, we have a deep conversation about the struggles we've had with our own watch collections and how many watches is too many? Big thanks to IWC for letting us get hands-on with the new BP43, listen up for our initial thoughts! We want to thank FEARS Watches for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. The Fears Midas isn’t just any gold case. Fears starts with a bronze case that is hand polished for an entire day. After that, the Midas undergoes a unique dual gold case finishing process that coats the watch in a layer of 18 karat rose gold followed by a layer of 9 karat yellow gold. This dual finishing offers a stunning warm gold color, unlike a traditional gold case. The process is actually so thorough and extensive that Fears is only able to produce a few of these pieces each year. Check out their beautiful Brunswick Midas, here. For pictures, details, and links to what we talk about visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! Questions and inquiries can be sent to [email protected]
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