Me and Steve Talk RPGs with Jay Little
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Today we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re on a short break and before we return with new recordings of our tabletop sessions but before we return we wanted to bring to your attention our friends over at “Me and Steve Talk RPGs”  We’re helping each out by hosting a feed swap. A few weeks ago they hosted the first episode of our Symbaroum campaign, At The Foot of the Titans, and now this week we’re returning the favour by hosting an interview that they conducted with, TTRPG system designer, Jay Little. Me and Steve Talk RPGs was born out of those conversations that inevitably happen in the parking lot or driveway outside AFTER the gaming sessions. The two Steve’s host a podcast that is a grab bag of TTRPG related topics, stories, tips and tricks with interviews with makers and shakers from our community. Just like us they release new episodes every Tuesday so if you like what you’re about to hear check them out and follow and subscribe to their podcast wherever it is you like to listen.  In this episode, from the Me and Steve Talk RPGs podcast, the two Steves meet with Jay Little, a system designer who has worked on Warhammer Fantasy Rolplaying, FFG Star Wars, and also designed the 2d20 system for Modiphious, which you might recall powered our Star Trek: Adventures games… so he’s left an indelible mark on the ttrpg world.  Enjoy the listen, and we’ll be back next week when we return from our extended holiday break with our own actual play session playing Darla Burrow’s “Dear Great Cuthulu, PLEASE Stop Giving Me Super Powers!” The Terrible Warrior Theme Song is by Epic Game Music Editing by Justin Ecock
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