Kult 02: Takeoff
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As our three seekers board Flight 191 they are each given a vision as they each wonder where they are heading and why they were sent these tickets...  This is Kult: Divinity Lost. Terrible Warriors is supported by listeners like you, to learn more about how you can help us visit patreon.com/terriblewarriors Our players are Justin Ecock, Ainslie Moors, and Kimberly Dewing Our GM is Mitch Wallace Justin Ecock is our audio editor. Theme music is by Epic Game Music All other music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Kult: Divinity Lost is published by Helmgast
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En Route to their vague destination on Flight 191 the trio of Alister, Autumn, and Blue have been separated. Where has Blue gone? Where is this plane going? As the storms outside grow louder, the mystery inside grows deeper. Terrible Warriors is supported by listeners like you, to learn...
Published 06/21/22
Published 06/21/22
Terrible Warriors is teaming up with Dungeons and Do-Gooders to bring a new live stream event to you every Tuesday evening at 8pm EDT.  Each week, Justin Ecock hosts Tabletop Tuesdays. A new one-shot TTRPG every week. Games that are easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to run.  Along with...
Published 06/14/22