Zombie World: The Idyllic Life of Huckleberry Farm - Part 3
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Huckleberry Farm has seen better days. Jack is still missing. Everyone is on edge and supplies are running low. The flooding has driving zombies out of the city and into the woods and if something isn't done soon to reassure to enclave people are going to start leaving and taking their chances in the wild.  The Prophet, the Visionary, and the Heavy set out once again to find their missing hunter, to find supplies to help fortify the farm, and in doing so end up finding more than they bargained for about the past of one of their own. In Zombie World it's only a matter of when, not if, someone finally meets their end... Follow Velvet @VelvetDuke Follow Justin @MrEcock Terrible Warriors is made possible thanks to Patreon supporters at Patreon.com/terriblewarriors Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors  Music licensed through Epidemic Sound
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