Meet the Makers: Sharang Biswas
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Recorded in the halls of BreakoutCon2019 we got to a chance to meet Sharang Biswas. Sharang makes weird games, the kind of games you'll most likely come across in an art gallery installation rather than a convention room floor. But along with making those games he's also involved as an educator and writer examining how we play games and how we can better design them to convey the stories and experiences we're trying to share in those games.  Whatever conversation I thought I was going to have I quickly realized I was in way over my head about five minutes in and just immersed myself in the knowledge he was willing to share with me. Sharang has given the "how" part of how we play games some serious thought and I hope you enjoy the conversation we got to share. It's certainly informed me the next time I sat down to play a game!  To find out more about Sharang be sure to follow him on twitter at @sharangbiswas and visit and you can find a selection of his games on Drivethru RPG at: Special thanks to BreakoutCon for offering us access to the convention to interview all of their amazing guests. Find out more about BreakoutCon’s 2020 line-up at Terrible Warriors is made possible thanks to Patreon supporters at Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors
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