Spotlight: The End of Time & Other Bothers
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Today in a Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight, Justin connects with Sean Howard from The End of Time & Other Bothers! You may remember Sean as our uncontrollable stripping scoundrel in the Root: The RPG kickstarter special we hosted in 2019. When he's not turning his clothing into improvised weaponry he's hosting a LOT of really cool podcasts. In particular he's the GM and mastermind behind The End of Time & Other Bothers, an Actual Play podcast using Dungeon World and set in the fictional world of one of Sean's other podcasts, the radio drama Alba Salix. Along with End of Time he's also responsible for other long form improvised dramas and actual-play shows and in this interview we break down what we love and what we don't love in the intersection of improv and tabletop storytelling. Like most of the conversations I have with Sean this went all over the place and I hope you get something out of it that will inspire and motivate you towards your next game. You can follow Sean on Twitter at @passitalong And you can stay up to date on his podcasts @AlbaSalix or by visiting Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Follow us on Twitter at @dicewarriors and you can support the show by becoming a patron at
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