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Today in a Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight, Justin connects with Russ Moore from Dumb Dragons Productions Good Old Fashioned D&D Russ started the Dumbgeons & Dragons podcast as a way to keep his gaming group together and to keep his own productions skills fresh and up to date after he accepted a job oversees. The result was an 80+ episode sprawling adventure set in the Rise of Tiamat module from Dungeons & Dragons. As the show grew in size so did their aspirations, bringing in better production and a more focused approach to their story telling. But, now well into their second season, they haven’t forgotten their humble beginnings and try to stay true to the spirit of the game and enjoyment around their table. Tempting Fate Of course it’s hard to do an Actual Play podcast and not be tempted to try other systems, which is where the Facing Fate podcast comes in. As Dumbgeons began to grow so did their appetite for other settings and rule sets. So, in addition to continuing Dumbgeons & Dragons, Russ set out with a new anthology podcast exploring multiple games and their rules. As you might guess from the title their first foray was into a Fate game but since then they’ve also playing PbtA settings like Urban Shadows and are even planning to create their own system for future episodes. Empowering GMs Feeling empowered to try new games but coming from a D&D background was the inspiration to join up with Sean Howard, who we interviewed last week, to create the DM to GM podcast. A show dedicated to helping demystify the role of the GM at your game table. The truth is, if you buy a TTRPG you’re probably going to be the run to run it whether you like it or not. So Russ and Sean break down how they run their games, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and give you the tools you need to feel confident in running your next, and possibly your first, tabletop game. You can follow Russ on Twitter at @russdmore And be sure to follow the three shows mentioned: Dumbgeons & Dragons: @dumbdragoncast Facing Face: @facingfatecast DM to GM: @dmtogmcast And check out all of Russ’ offerings at Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Follow us on Twitter at @dicewarriors and you can support the show by becoming a patron at
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