Under Hill By Water 01: Welcome To Under-Moot
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For our first actual play adventure in over a year we've settled on playing a game that's all about having no adventures, thank you very much. Under Hill By Water, by Josh McCrowell, is a game all about playing halflings in a small village who just want to live their lives in quiet and peace. In our first episode we find out who our halfling characters will be, name the village and it's tavern, and populate the map with all manner of NPCs, meeting halls, and a guild. Welcome to Under-Moot. Check Out Under Hill, By Water If this game sounds like your cup of tea be sure to check out the itch.io page at riseupcomus.itch.io/under-hill-by-water Special thanks to Sean Horbatiuk, Velvet Duke, and Jo Drummond for joining Justin at the virtual table to explore this strangely endearing game. Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Keep an eye out on our Patreon Page at patreon.com/terriblewarriors where supporters will be getting a copy of the three character sheets we made and a detailed list of the 20 locations of Under-Moot. If you end up trying Under Hill, By Water with your group let us know by mentioning our twitter account @dicewarriors!
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