Massive Partnership, Hardware 4, Cybertruck Interior, Model Y, Data Leak, Neuralink (05.25.23)
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➤ Jim Farley and Elon Musk announce major partnership between Ford and Tesla ➤ FSD Hardware 4 starts to roll out to more vehicles ➤ FSD Beta appears internationally ➤ Cybertruck interior photo ➤ Model Y reportedly becomes best-selling car in the world ➤ Report on leaked Tesla safety data ➤ Giga Berlin update ➤ Neuralink receives approval for human trials Shareloft: Twitter: Patreon: Tesla Referral: Executive producer Jeremy Cooke Executive producer Troy Cherasaro Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent Executive producer Jessie Chimni Executive producer Michael Pastrone Executive producer Richard Del Maestro Executive producer John Beans Music by Evan Schaeffer Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives
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