Listener call-in show #4 Pt.2
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We roll on with YOUR calls on a variety of subjects, including; Crash retrievals Meta-materials What is time? UFO's and religion and much more If you would like to get involved in the next call in then please email me at [email protected] or look out for announcements on social media Remember you can support the podcast by signing up at Apple podcast subscriptions for early, ad-free listening & take advantage of a two week free trial! Lots of bonus content on there too, including extended interviews & exclusive pods. Zencastr is a proud sponsor of the show & if YOU are looking to start up your own podcast the take advantage of 40% with Zencastr at and enter promo code : ufopodcast Keep lookin' up, Andy
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Breaking news pod drops to discuss; Ross Coulthart interview response & update! The Debriefs article from Ralph Blumenthal on experiencers! Anjali Update Civilian space trips & UAPs Vote for us in the Paranormality radio awards PLEASE!! Here>...
Published 09/24/21
Episode 60 lands with one of the biggest names to enter the field of UFO's in sometime, Journalist, author & documentary maker Ross Coulthart is on the pod for a 2 parter, to discuss; **Warning - Strong language used throughout** His incredible book, In Plain Sight Media stigma &...
Published 09/21/21
Episode 59 is here for your listening pleasure as Chris Lehto, author, youtuber, retired fighter pilot contiues on his discussion; Funding new UAP detecting resources with NFT's Chris's theory on life, dark matter & the universe (VERY INTERESTING) Pilots speculating on UAP Listener...
Published 09/19/21