Episode 50 Steven Greenstreet
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Episode 50 is here for your listening pleasure as NY Post Senior video editor, journalist & host of "The Basement Office" joins me for an hour that will fly by, I promise! We discuss; Stevens background How "The Basement Office" came to be Nick Pope credentials The Eric Davies interview Steven tells me what is on the missing piece of the Davies interview Why Steven has been frustrated recently Corbell leaks What DID he see with UAP X..! Listener Qs Quickfire Round And much, much more You can find Steven on twitter @MiddleOfMayhem & YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwNrNqsuwF1n43wh5nuV5hTFrdAN00kfk Also find Stevens other projects at www.StevenGreenstreet.com You can also sign up to Zencastr with 40% off for 3 months with promo code: ufopodcast at Zencastr or www.Zencastr.com/Signup. Start recording your own podcast or meetings today! Get in touch with myself on twitter @UFOUAPAM , on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram under "That UFO Podcast", Email: [email protected] and don't forget to subscribe, like and leave a review of the show. Enjoy folks! Keep lookin' up, Andy
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