Ep. 133 - Is Your Mom Hot? - Where My Moms At w/ Christina P
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Moms, Mommies, and everybody in between, welcome to another episode of Where My Mom’s At? With Christina P! This week Christina starts off singing songs with Enny. Did you know he’s coming out with an R&B album soon? Until then, let’s get back to solving today’s world issues. “How DO you say crayon?”, “How do I refill my water less stupidly?”, and “What’s a good way to get rid of fire ants?”. More Pazsitzky Effects. More Mom Hacks. More fetish talk! This time we get a follow up on the preoccupation for lactating lovers. Anybody got a weird fetish they want to expose Christina to? Leave us a voicemail! Then, Mommy P tests the booth boys on their US History. Booth Boys 2024?? Thanks for watching and join us again next week for more mom stuff!
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On this week’s WMMA, Christina P discusses her appearance on Megyn Kelly’s podcast, maintaining a relationship with your parents as an adult, blowing your nose in your shirt, problems with brushing teeth, her shower routine, Kim Kardashian’s law degree, and much more! She wraps up by reacting to...
Published 07/04/22
On this week’s episode of WMMA, Christina P discusses Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, what to do when you misgender someone, “Love on the Spectrum,” and takes an Autism test. She also responds to listener submitted Mom Hacks and Pazsitzky Effects.
Published 06/27/22