Q Uncovered: Peeking Behind The Curtain
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This week, we discuss Qanon.  We talk about the origins, the theories, the possible identity and the effect it's having on our society.  Make sure to head to thatsstrange.net to find links to all of our social media and our Patreon. If you feel like being amazing, please become a patron and help us continue to make these episodes.
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This week, we discuss the Georgia Guidestones. We promise, they're not just rocks - you should listen to this one.  For more info on the stones - click here   Also, Alex put the kids to bed... and we mean that exactly how it sounds. But, you know what that means (for the first time ever in...
Published 12/03/20
Published 11/23/20
This week on That's Strange... We come to terms with the fact that we are now old men who grew up with the internet and we discuss the things that have creeped us out or caused us not to get any sleep over the years.  We have compiled a list of 10 of those things.  We start with the Russian...
Published 11/20/20