It's Just Rocket Science
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Anyone who has ever had a goal is probably familiar with the phrase, "the sky's the limit." Ironically, that logic can be quite limiting because, for some, the sky is just the beginning. Take Sirisha Bandla, for example. Once upon a time, Sirisha was on a rooftop, gazing at the stars and wondering what it would be like to explore what's out there. Then, in 2021, she joined Virgin Galactic's Unity 22 suborbital flight and became the second India-born woman to fly to space! Curiosities can turn into out-of-this-world realities with the right knowledge, focus, and determination. In our newest podcast episode, "It's Just Rocket Science," we give you all the proof. In this episode, we speak with Sirisha Bandla and JaciLynn Poteet, an FAA commercial space safety inspector and rocket scientist. They tell us about their career trajectories, what it took for them to get there, and what's important to them in their field of work. They also give listeners advice for pursuing their dreams. After this episode, you'll be ready to, literally, reach for the stars. Learn more about Commercial Human Spaceflight at, and if you like this episode, please share!
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