140.2. - The Story of Dr. Seuss ("The Father of Children's Literature")
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If you don't know who Dr. Seuss is, you should! He was a cartoonist and author that brought us The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Green Eggs and Ham and over 40 other incredible books for children and adults around the world. He's been called "the father of contemporary children's literature." One out of four children in the US receive a Dr. Seuss book as their first book in life, and there's a good reason for it: they're playful and clever, with quirky images and rhymes, and there's a lot of repetition, so it's ideal for beginner readers. Over 650 million copies of his books have been sold, so I'd say it's worth learning about this inspiration. Hear his story in this Culture and History lesson. ***** Beginner Books Recommendations ***** Premium Content: This episode is part of Season 3. By purchasing Season 3 transcripts, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcripts for episodes 101 - 150, an Mp3 download  and the premium podcast player to work on your pronunciation.   Get ALL PREMIUM CONTENT FOR SEASONS 1 - 3  (with 5 in-depth courses to improve your English,  includes all transcripts + mp3s)Get ONLY the Transcripts for Episodes 001 - 150Get the Free E-Book: 101 American English Slang Words  ***** Support the show
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