Kirk Herbstreit joins to talk health of CFB, Nick Saban on GameDay, Dylan Raiola, and more
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ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit joins Ari to run the gamut of college football related topics. From Kirk's thoughts about the current state of college football to Nick Saban joining GameDay and the Dylan Raiola controversy, the pair tackle a lot. Rundown: -Health of CFB (2:00) -One commissioner, new governing body, revenue sharing (6:00) -On becoming synonymous with CFB (8:15) -Dylan Raoila situation (15:00) -Nick Saban joining GameDay (21:45) -ESPN-CFP deal + future of playoff (25:00) -EA Sports (37:00) Subscribe to the Until Saturday newletter: Call/text the Until Saturday phone and leave us a question for a future mailbag and/or Sunday Sound-Off podcast: (316) 462-9852 Subscribe to Until Saturday on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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