Spring transfer portal preview + Will Drew Allar & Penn St. make the leap?
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April 16 marks the beginning of the college football spring transfer window. And, according to some, it will be the most chaotic spring portal period to date. Ari, Chris, and the Portal Authority, Max Olson, prepare you for next week's barrage of player movement by identifying which teams are likely to be the most active (Alabama and Washington, among others), and the players you should keep your eyes on (like RB Damien Martinez). Later, The Athletic's Penn State scribe Audrey Snyder fills us in on everything going on in Happy Valley. Of everything discussed, the most important topic, as you might suspect, is will QB Drew Allar take the next step under new OC Andy Kotelnicki? Will a playoff berthe be enough to satisfy Nittany Lions fans? Speaking of things going on in Pennsylvania, Chris just came back from Wrestlemania. By his estimation, what can college football learn from wrestling/WWE? Rundown: - Explaining the rules of the spring transfer portal (3:00) - Which teams will be the most active in the portal? (8:15) - Portal players to watch: Damian Martinez, Henry Perrish Jr., and more (15:30) - 'Ari, Would You Rather': Would you take a billion dollars, but you could only eat turkey sandwichies for the rest of your life? (35:00) - Audrey Snyder joins the show! (38:15) - What CFB can learn from Wrestlemania (58:00) Subscribe to the Until Saturday newletter: https://theathletic.com/newsletters/until-saturday Call/text the Until Saturday phone and leave us a question for a future mailbag and/or Sunday Sound-Off podcast: (316) 462-9852 Subscribe to Until Saturday on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbhfrD1COvG40Mk7vvgaHIQ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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