Five and Dive, Episode 365: No Bluey Spoilers? No, Bluey Spoilers!
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In Episode 365, Patrick, Jeffrey, and Craig chat about Bluey and then discuss five mostly baseball topics.  1. Ascent into Madness: A podcasts segment that will also be a column but also needed to be a podcast segment and doesn't even include the FAA investigation. 2. What's got into that cat?: Have the Mets stolen the Pirates friskiness, and who else is looking frisky. 3. Around the Horn: The Cardinals want some money please, plus more pitcher injuries and one pitcher returnign from injury 4. What to Watch: Royals/Orioles again, and some Western division teams looking to turn it around 5. Well, it's a shorter game this time at least. Five and Dive is listener-supported, you can join our Patreon at If you want to get in contact with the show, the e-mail address is [email protected]. Our theme tune is by Jawn Stockton. You can listen to him on Spotify and Apple Music Spotify: Apple Music:
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