The Bearded Mystic's Oneness Conversations with Sunny Sharma
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Sunny Sharma: The Intersection of Devotion and Self-Inquiry In this engaging conversation between the host and Sunny Sharma, a popular figure in the YouTube spiritual community, a variety of topics are discussed. Sunny shares his journey from a self-help focused path toward the teachings of non-duality, explaining how his passion and commitment have fueled his creative process. He discusses the importance of surrender and devotion in his practice, the value of honesty and resonance, and offers advice for those seeking spiritual liberation. Additionally, the challenges and rewards of leading a householder's life while on the spiritual path are discussed, with Sunny affirming the importance of accepting all experiences as a form of grace. 0:00 The Bearded Mystic's Oneness Conversations with Sunny Sharma 00:56 YouTube Ideas 02:52 Self-help to Nonduality 08:29 Ramana Maharshi's silent energy 11:45 Silence - the essence of Ramana's teachings 13:12 The teaching finds you 18:39 Reading spiriual texts with awareness of the Self 21:18 Importance of a Guru 25:34 Discussion into Grace 31:02 Pitfalls of Self-Inquiry 35:13 Spiritual Deception 40:28 Self-honesty 45:14 Householder Life anmd Self-Inquiry 54:36 God 58:45 Can Self-Inquiry become dry? 01:06:19 Self-Honesty and Resonance will guide you! Patreon: Support The Bearded Mystic Podcast and get ad-free, bonus episodes along with many more benefits: Join The Bearded Mystic Podcast Discussion Group on Whatsapp: Be notified of my monthly virtual meditation session followed by a Q&A Discussion via zoom (Notifications only): Please rate and write a review for this Podcast: You can follow me and contact me on social media: Website: TikTok: Instagram: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Support the show
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