I've Got To The Point In My Life Where I Have Got Over The Damage Football Has Caused Me - Max Noble
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The Beautiful Game Podcast - Episode 119 - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW MAX NOBLE - We discussed the career of ex #Fulham youngster Max #Noble, He spoke about life in academy #football, the trauma football caused him, why clubs need to do more to protect young players and his business ventures + much more. Timestamps 0:00 Trailer 1:14 Intro 6:32 Max Noble takes us back to the beginning of his youth career 8:42 Signing for Fulham at 12 years of age 9:23 What does football mean to Max? 10:34 Max on the his personal academy experience as a youth footballer 19:00 Max on what he feels needs to change in football and the ruthlessness of the game 23:06 Can education/other interests co exist with football? 27:00 Protecting young players when they leave academy environments 30:50 Max on Fulham's statement release 32:55 Is living this experience your purpose? (Buj to Max) 35:04 Did any clubs reach out to you after your press tour? 35:50 What positives can you take from football? 37:00 The vision of Max's business (Certified Sports) 40:00 Closing remarks/final thoughts
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