Episode 343 - Can apple cider vinegar replace shampoo?
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On today’s show we answer questions about: When should you buy a more cleansing shampoo?What are ingredients you recommend in a heat protecting product?Can you replace shampoo with apple cider vinegar?Is there any science behind the advice to squish when you condish?What makes VO5 Hot Oil work?Beauty Science News State of change transparency   Jared Leto discontinues brand  Four Ways to Ask a question - 1. Send us a message through Patreon! 2. You can record your question on your smart phone and email to [email protected] 3. Send it to us via social media (see links below) 4. Submit it through the following form - Ask a question Social media accounts on Instagram we’re at thebeautybrains2018 on Twitter, we’re thebeautybrains And we have a Facebook page Valerie's ingredient company - Simply Ingredients Be Brainy about your Beauty! Support the show
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