China is a leader in global power generation - both through fossil fuel and clean energy technologies. Chinese capital has been involved in establishing at least 777 power plants across the world, providing 186.5 GW of power generation capacity. To...
Published 10/28/20
Labor is a lightning rod for judgments of the benefits of the Belt and Road: Will Chinese projects generate work opportunities for the host country? Do Chinese employers follow different labor standards than others? When and how do workers speak out...
Published 10/12/20
Prof. Dr. Lina Benabdallah discusses her latest book, "Shaping the Future of Power: Knowledge production and network-building in China-Africa Relations." Lina looks at China's rise and the Belt and Road beyond the hardware investments - the major...
Published 09/21/20
In this episode, Dr. Tyler Harlan breaks down the discourses vs. reality of the green turn in the Belt and Road Initiative since Xi Jinping announced it in 2017. He describes the state of knowledge and realities of implementation of the three main...
Published 08/27/20
How does Chinese capital alter center-periphery relations in Kenya? Can peripheral groups have meaningful agency with Chinese state entities? Who determines, and what is considered "local" in local content agreements built into Chinese-financed...
Published 07/31/20
In this episode, Juliet and Erik sit down with Dr. Xu Liang from Peking University's School of International Studies to talk about his latest research that chronicles historical and modern-day ethnic Chinese garment production in Newcastle, South...
Published 07/02/20
After a year of record breaking drought, the Mekong River water has level reached a historical low. Continued water stress, which is likely due to climate change, will permanently change the ecology of the region and water stress is already impacting...
Published 05/29/20
On this episode, Erik speaks with Dr. Xiao Han on her latest work co-authored by Michael Webber - “From Chinese dam building in Africa to the Belt and Road Initiative: Assembling infrastructure projects and their linkages" that was published in the 77th...
Published 05/13/20
On this episode, Erik and Juliet speak with Dr. Galen Murton - Assitant Professor at the School of Integrated Sciences at James Madison University - about two of his recent papers featured in the journal of Political Geography 1) “Trans-Himalayan Power...
Published 04/22/20
In the rapidly evolving context of a world impacted by the novel corona virus, Johan van de Ven discusses travel bans, material aid and donations, and border restrictions between China and Belt and Road Initiative partner countries. He focuses...
Published 03/30/20
Oyuna Baldakova, a PhD Candidate at the Free University of Berlin, shares her research on Chinese investment and Belt and Road developments in Russia (Lake Baikal, Siberia) and Central Asia. She explores how conflicting interests among local elites and...
Published 03/17/20
Prof. Dr. Linda Tjia explains the costs and benefits, the links and disconnects, and the domestic and global implications of the China-Europe Freight Train Initiative which connects multiple areas of Western China through Central Asia all the way to...
Published 02/14/20
More and more countries have signed on to China's Belt and Road Initiative, but "the increase in political partners has not led to a comparable increase in commercial activity."
Published 12/11/19
The BRI and its roots in Chinese sub-national regional politics
Published 11/14/19
Yunnan Chen describes the debt financing negotiations and the implementation challenges which arise around two cases of Chinese-built railway projects in Kenya and Ethiopia.
Published 09/30/19
Juliet Lu welcomes Vanessa Lamb and Nga Dao to discuss anti-Chinese sentiment in the hydropower sectors of Myanmar and Vietnam, highlighting some key contrasts in the histories of Chinese investment in each country and the challenges of anti-hydropower activism across the Mekong Re
Published 09/19/19
Rebecca Ray comments on how Chinese developmental finance creates a different type of infrastructure project cycle into Latin America and what that means for local governments, civil society organizations, local populations, and the environment
Published 08/06/19
On this episode, Erik speaks with Michael Boulle about how Chinese capital alters the calculation for coal in Kenya
Published 07/19/19
On this episode, I will talk with the lead author of the reference guide - Mark Grimsditch. Mark is the China Global Program Director for Inclusive Development International and has been researching Chinese investments throughout the world for over a decade.
Published 06/12/19
On this episode, Erik Myxter-iino has a conversation with Sociology Ph.D. Candidate at Johns Hopkins University Alvin Camba about his soon-to-be-published work - Reexamining China and South-South Relations: Chinese State-backed and Flexible Private Capitals in the Philippines.
Published 05/03/19