Colton's Finale Part 2 with Hannah G
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Hannah G is here with us to give a behind the scenes look at what happened last night, and help Ben & Ashley break down Colton’s season finale. She’s got some things to get off her chest about Colton, and we find out if she would have accepted a proposal from him! Hannah G gives us her honest thoughts on the new Bachelorette, Hannah B, and we find out if she’s upset that she didn’t get chosen for the next season. And finally, is Hannah going to Paradise?? We get her to spill on who she’s hoping to see there, and who she’s interested in from Bachelor Nation. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Ben and Ashley don’t waste any time before giving a full rundown of the contestants for Hannah B’s upcoming season of the Bachelorette. And based on pictures alone, Ben & Ashley give their predictions for Hannah’s Top 3.And speaking of Hannahs, we have a list of who would be the best match...
Published 03/19/19
We started Colton's season with Becca & Garrett, and now they're back to help Ben and Ashley break down the dramatic finale.  We hear their opinion on what is going on in Colton's head, and we might not even get a "final rose" this season! But all eyes are on our guest of honor, Tayshia....
Published 03/12/19
We’re live after Women Tell All, and we have Colton’s girls with us to spill all the tea. Kirpa has a MAJOR bomb to drop about one of the girls sliding into the DMs of a popular member of Bachelor Nation… while she was still on the show.   And we reveal who he is.Tracy stops by to give her side...
Published 03/06/19