The Ol’ Switcheroo (Rachel and Gabby Ep 5)
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Somehow we’re only 2 episodes away from hometowns… but this week is apparently Logan week. ICYMI Logan is switching teams from Rachel to Gabby—‘the ol’ switcheroo’ as Jared puts it. And, Kay is so done with the Rachel sob story. Another rejection doesn’t warrant a canceled group date. Then, J and Kay discuss how Rachel and Gabby are the epitome of dating tropes: Rachel’s the disheartened dater who wants to be Cinderella, while Gabby’s the ‘chill girl’ who somehow knows how to handle everything. But, J and Kay wonder…can you be too chill? In Jared’s words, Gabby put together a team of ‘elm trees’ as her suitors. IMO, height puts blinders on personalities—how can you see when you’re trapped in the middle of the elm forest anyway? Look up Gabby - he’s lying to your face. Seriously though, what’s the deal with Johnny? He didn’t give us much. On the other hand, Rachel wants Mr.Right to pick her so badly, it’s inevitable that she’ll end up with Mr.Wrong. Finally, J and Kay finish up with the usual games of Would Your Rather & Fantasy Suite, Hometowns, Send Home. Follow @thebetchelor to stay up to date with all things Gabby and Rachel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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