The Big Wig
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With a show full of friendly wagers, Shaq pays up to Spice after the Cowboys devastating loss. The crew predicts the remainder of the NFL Playoffs and the Big Fella even gives a coaching suggestion for Dallas. Shaq opens up about the Lakers current trouble and gives Ja Morant his flowers.
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The Big Podcast crew is back in action as The Big Fella joins from the Western Conference Finals in Dallas. Shaq doesn't hold back on the Suns disappointing end to the season (much to Nischelle's dismay) and gives a coaching suggestion for the Lakers. Spice stirs things up with a spicy discussion...
Published 05/26/22
After Rudy Gobert claimed he could lock up The Big Fella, Spice tries to instigate a matchup between Shaq and the Jazz center. The Big Aristotle's feelings about the Mavs-Suns series has him fumbling over the spelling of "Dallas" (some Spelling Bee Champion, huh?). 'That's Spicy' has everything...
Published 05/12/22
Published 05/12/22