The Big Heart of Texas
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After Rudy Gobert claimed he could lock up The Big Fella, Spice tries to instigate a matchup between Shaq and the Jazz center. The Big Aristotle's feelings about the Mavs-Suns series has him fumbling over the spelling of "Dallas" (some Spelling Bee Champion, huh?). 'That's Spicy' has everything from awkward Mother's Day gifts to viral post-fight interviews.
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Published 06/24/22
As Spice enjoys a well-deserved vacation, Shaq’s best friend since 1992, Dennis Scott, drops by The Big Podcast. 3D wastes no time getting involved with The Big Fella’s next business endeavor…owning the Orlando Magic? The crew reacts to Chuck and KD’s Twitter beef, Kyrie’s latest situation in...
Published 06/24/22
The Big Podcast crew dives right into the NBA Finals, debating Jayson Tatum’s performance, Draymond’s priorities, and the possibility of a Game 7. Spice shares stories of Michael B. Jordan’s heartbreak and The Big Fella comes clean on the truth behind a viral moment in an NYC restaurant.
Published 06/16/22