Ep 80 - Lawrence Agyei: Make Your Environment a Backdrop
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View this episode on our YouTube channel Peace family. In this episode, we’re taking you on a journey through the lens of Lawrence Agyei. As always, we focus on more than just the picture-making side of photography; it's about stories, culture, and the real essence of photography. Here are some of the show notes. Enjoy the episode.  Dive into the Visual Chronicles: Lawrence Agyei fills us in on his background, inspirations, and how he crafts a vibe that makes people feel at home. He explores personal projects, from futuristic portraits with models to effortlessly capturing the family dynamic of friends. Behind the Scenes of: Lawrence's love for storytelling through vibrant colors and textures is the key ingredient. He walks us through photoshoots for Apple and Nike, where planning meets serendipity in capturing Chicago's essence. Real Talk on Photography: Lawrence reveals his roots, documenting friends, and why he's more than just a photographer—he's a storyteller. Uncover the beauty in simplicity as Lawrence shares tales of spontaneous shoots, like the one with a fashion model in a local park. Insights for Aspiring Photographers: The importance of pre-visualization takes center stage—learn from the masters, study like a pro.  Embrace diversity, break industry norms, and capture the magic of different skin tones and backgrounds. Global Adventures in Photography: From Ghana to London, Lawrence's lens captures the soul of musicians, models, and friends in unique settings. Witness the challenges and triumphs, like the unforgettable shoot at a Ghanaian stadium, showcasing determination and vibrant energy. Film vs. Digital: Lawrence's Perspective: The richness of film, the trust it builds, and the stories it tells. Lawrence drops jewels on why film holds a special place in his heart. He shares insights on working with clients, building trust, and the significance of capturing genuine moments. Building Connections and Authenticity: Learn how Lawrence creates genuine moments through engagement, thought-provoking questions, and a deep understanding of the people he photographs. What is it like to photograph a celebrity? We dive into the process of creating an engaging portrait, like the one with artist Leon Bridges, where every element tells a story. Lawrence Agyei's Creative Universe: From Nike campaigns to personal projects, Lawrence's lens captures the spirit of each moment, making him an essential voice in the industry. Hear about unique photoshoots, like the one with a dark-skinned model in a cowboy hat against an empty gym backdrop. If you dig this episode, stay connected to Lawrence Agyei: Instagram Website Peace The Black Shutter Team --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/blkshutter/support
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