Week 9 Unlocked
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Ronnie and Georgia join Ben and Andy on the phone to talk about "Poolgate", what's in store for their backyard and their first perfect score. The judges  tell us which house they'd buy. Mirna Novosel from the Australian Institute of Design tells the boys about styling. And Shelley Craft catches up with Bec from Sky High.
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As a season finale we created very special episode of The Block Unlocked. We sent Ben to Open For Inspections and he has managed to completely capture the energy and excitement of the event. On his adventure, Ben spoke with all the contestants, audience members and Block icons Scott Cam, Shelley...
Published 10/24/17
Published 10/24/17
This week Sticks and Wombat came through with a win and that means they won the chance to speak with Ben and Andy on this week's show. Alice Stolz chats to the boys about the upcoming auctions and has some very interesting things to say. Dan and Dani tell us about their engagement and also talk...
Published 10/22/17