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The Lower Bottoms podcast, a scripted drama/dark comedy told through the voices that make up the quickly gentrifying neighborhood of the West Oakland neighborhood. The Bay Area has long been defined by sound: the clang of cable cars, live jazz and rock and roll, and outspoken activists. The Lower Bottoms delivers in this tradition. In each episode, the vast intersection of clashing personalities in the San Francisco Bay Area known as The Lower Bottoms, come together to tell their individual stories culminating in a tapestry of unreliable narrators, struggling politicians, independent sex workers, determined immigrants, and activists searching for common ground. Eavesdrop on every word. From the city soundscapes to its soundtrack - The Lower Bottoms podcast will envelop you. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Today on the show we had friend to the room Jason Lee, and you know he is all about spilling the tea, and he had a lot to say in wake of the Karen Civil controversy. But he kept civil ironically. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a Oklohoma man headed to prison over botched...
Published 09/23/21
Today on the show they opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners feel comfortable when their partner walks in or has an discussion with them while they are on the toilet, after Kevin Gates tweeted how romantic sh*t talking could really be. Also, with Angela away it was time for...
Published 09/22/21
When Angela is away Envy and Charlamagne finds ways to play! Moreover, they had some fun today and went with the already trending topic on social media Drake possibly being a bigger artist than Michael Jordan. It sounds ridiculous but trolling Uncle Charlamagne makes it fun? And just remember...
Published 09/21/21